UoN window view

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Eid Al-Adha 1429H

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Haji Menuju Allah – Raihan

Suasana solat raya Eid Adha di Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham. Raya eid adha jatuh pada hari Isnin 08/12/2008.  Alangkah menariknya raya di UK, kita dapat bertemu dengan masyarakat yang datang dari pelbagai penjuru dunia. Tidak ketinggalan juga ucapan raya oleh seorang pelajar tahun akhir Nottingham Universiti.

Taqaballahu minna wa minkum

Eid in Nottingham

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The muslims in UK celebrated eid on the 30th September 2008. This year we celebrate eid one day earlier than expected which was really surprising.

Eid prayer in University of Nottingham Sports Hall.

After prayer photograph session.

Nottingham Malaysian Community eid party.

This year eid theme ‘Just do it’.

Photo taken from ustaz’s 8gb iPhone. Happy eid Mubarak.

Nottingham kat mane?

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Within a month spending summer holidays in Malaysia, after introducing my self in conversation I keep on hearing people asking question on, “Where is Nottingham?” and “Nottingham?”. Credit given to those people who has at least heard of Nottingham. I can’t even imagine what the response will be if you are from some small places like Loughborough for example. “Laf… What?” or “Where is it again?”. To me the name was hard to pronounce when the first time I heard it.

When speaking of places in UK, most of the Malaysian knew London. And some people know Manchester, Liverpool and… even Arsenal? These are all English football club city but not Arsenal ya; Arsenal FC is in North of London. Wah!! This is football, good eh? Can teach people general knowledge.

Ok nuff about other places. I think Nottingham deserve to be known or at least heard of in Malaysia because of its uniqueness. Although Nottingham Forest FC which is the city’s football club is nowhere to be seen on top nowadays, do you know that Nottingham Forest have won the Champions League twice? not once but twice!! The club used to be thattttt good. Plus do you realize that The University of Nottingham has a campus in Semenyih, Malaysia. Robin Hood?? Steal from the rich and give to the poor. The legend was in Sherwood forest in Nottingham. Get it?

This is a first entry and I hope there will be more entry on Nottingham in the future. Lastly, it was hard to explain the location of Nottingham with words when people asked about Nottingham. So its better to check map of UK below!

There is Nottingham… see that!

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